DJ deal unlikely – Holloway

The two parties were reported to be in discussions, but Holloway

said the move is now unlikely due to financial reasons.

Campbell, 30, quit Bloomfield Road to join Rangers last summer

following the club’s relegation from the Premier League.

“I don’t want to tell our fans that we might get DJ Campbell

back. I don’t think there’s a chance in a million at the moment of

doing that, because of his club, what they’re looking for and how

much they’re paying him at the moment,” Holloway told BBC Radio


“He’s got another couple of years on that so does he need to

take a cut or go backwards? I don’t think so. Will they pay him

some of the rest of the money? I don’t think so.

“Why should he lose out? Whether they want him or not, they have

to honour the contract. It’s nobody else’s fault other than what

QPR decided to pay him when they took him on.”