Dirk Kuyt’s 5-year-old son is demolishing entire opposing teams

It’s never too early to start playing sports, and thus, it’s never too early to be good at them. Dirk Kuyt and his 5-year-old son, Aidan, obviously subscribe to this credo. The Feyenoord forward posted a video of his young son absolutely demolishing his opposition with a breathtaking run and goal on Saturday.

Look at that! No chill whatsoever from young Aidan. He puts one opponent in a blender right off the bat, blows by another, skips past two would-be tacklers and then cooly finishes at the near post. He doesn’t even do much celebrating!

If I’d done that, I would be doing pint-sized backflips all over the place. It looks like the elder Kuyt has taught young Aidan how to be humble as well. They might be schoolchildren, but that kind of skill is outstanding.

Suggesting he’ll enjoy as much success as his father from a 15-second video is foolish — but wait, this is the Internet. Nevermind all that. Keep an eye on him. Barcelona might come knocking soon enough.