Diego Maradona willing to be Argentina manager for free

Diego Maradona wants to be the Argentina manager. Again.

The soccer legend, who was the Argentina boss at the 2010 World Cup, said that he would be willing to take over the vacant post.

"If they said I could fix the team, I’d grab it and do it for nothing," said Maradona.

It’s probably a good thing he’s willing to do it for free because the federation doesn’t have any money. They’re being run by a FIFA commission because they were in such disarray and are reportedly going to interview Diego Simeone via video conference because they can’t afford to fly to Madrid to speak in person.

Even if "free" was an important consideration, though, Maradona probably isn’t the best pick. Remember him at the 2010 World Cup, standing on the sideline as Germany throttled his team? And when Lionel Messi looked over to the bench, hoping for a change that would give him a chance, Maradona did nothing. He was out of his depth, but hey, he might be free.