We now have further video evidence that Diego Costa is a crazy person

Not that it was ever a question, but Diego Costa is a nutcase. Usually, our evidence is confined to his on-field antics, where he’s often getting into dustups with opposing center backs. Now, we have proof that his insanity extends off the pitch.

See for yourself in this video that Chelsea TV dropped on Friday:

What’s the first thing you think of doing when you see a grounds crew’s cart? For the Chelsea striker, who immediately checked to see if the keys were in it, the first priority was running over a bunch of cones.

He’s not done there, though. Hurdles? Might as well bash those apart.

The real world appears to be all so … confusing for Costa. It’s like watching the Hulk, or Bam Bam from the “Flintstones.” We always knew that Costa was a special breed, but this just further confirms that he’s got more than just one screw loose.