Determined Green apologises for error

But the West Ham goalkeeper insists his error in the 1-1 draw has

made him doubly determined to make amends if head coach Fabio

Capello keeps faith with him against Algeria. Green allowed a

harmless looking 25-yard shot from Fulham midfielder Clint Dempsey

to slip from his grasp and over the goal line five minutes before

half-time. It cancelled out England captain Steven Gerrard’s

opening goal in the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg. Green

made no excuses for his error, such as the swerve on the ball or

finding out whether he was playing only two hours before kick-off,

and wants to put matters right on Friday in Cape Town. He said: “I

walked in at half-time, said sorry to the chaps and I apologise to

however many million people at home as well. “But the important

thing is you are ready and I am willing to work mentally on it.

It’s not a problem. I’ve done it before, I’m 30 years old and I’ve

learned to deal with these things. “The manager has to answer

whether he will stick with me. “I’ll be prepared, be ready and be

prepared just the same, wanting to play. “I’m desperately keen to

play, I want to play every game I possibly can. This is the biggest

stage in the world.” There has been much criticism of Green for his

error, while former Scotland manager George Burley on Sunday

insisted England would be better off if they had Sunderland’s Craig

Gordon in goal. However, Green added: “I’ll be twice as determined

for this not to happen again. “Of course, this makes me more

determined to play next time to right the wrong. “You want to be a

man about it and you want to stand up. You want to be tested.

Playing lovely football and making wonderful saves is not a

challenge. “This is a challenge and this is why you are a

footballer. That’s what football’s all about. “It’s got a wonderful

way of coming round and kicking you in the balls. It’s how you

bounce back from that.” Capello has constantly kept his players

waiting until a couple of hours before kick-off time before telling

them who will be starting matches. But Green, who was preferred to

David James and Joe Hart, insisted: “Only knowing two hours before

the game is not a problem. “You prepare as though you’re playing.

If you don’t, that’s the mistake. The other guys prepared as though

they were playing and we will again for Friday. “You prepare for

Friday as though you are playing again. It’s not a surprise when

you are playing then. It’s not a problem, it’s not an issue, you

deal with it. It’s fine, you carry on.” Green added: “I’m also not

blaming the ball. It’s had a lot of criticism but I should have

stopped it. There’s no two ways about it. “It’s a shot from I don’t

know how many yards out that I should have stopped and that I will

do time and time again in training. “It’s obviously a genuine,

horrible mistake but it’s something I have to deal with.”