Dennis Bergkamp scored this iconic goal for Arsenal 15 years ago today

Dennis Bergkamp scored a plethora of goals in his 20-year career. First with Ajax, then with Inter and Arsenal and all the while tearing up the international scene with the Netherlands, Bergkamp terrorized opposing defenses.

But of all the iconic goals the Iceman scored in his illustrious career, his turn-and-fire against Newcastle is perhaps the most memorable. Some of us might not have seen it live, but we’ve all seen it somehow.

And we’re going to see it again, right now.

It’s almost impossible to put into words. The touch is so exquisite it’s not even available in video games. It’s a blind, behind-the-back, cross-body flick with one touch. Like I said, it’s pretty impossible to put into words. It’s best the let the man himself describe the move:

“I know the defender is stepping in and the pace of the ball can help me. Ten yards before the ball arrived I made my decision: I’m going to turn him,” Bergkamp wrote in his autobiography Stillness and Speed, via Sky. “The whole move was inch perfect,” he wrote.

Perfect, indeed. And 15 years ago to the day. Not a bad way to celebrate Throwback Thursday.