Delap shows no sentiment

McCarthy gave long-throw specialist Delap his international debut

when Republic of Ireland manager in 1998. Then eight years later

McCarthy was boss of Sunderland when he signed Delap from

Southampton. Stoke will push Wolves nearer to relegation from the

Barclays Premier League if they win tonight’s re-arranged clash.

But all Delap is focused on is lifting the Potters past the

40-point mark and towards safety. Delap said: “I’ve got a lot of

time for Mick but he knows what football is all about. “He is a

great manager and I appreciate what he has done for my career. “But

there is no sentiment in football when it comes to situations like

this and he will be exactly the same.” Delap believes one more win

could prove sufficient to guarantee a fourth successive season of

top- flight football for Stoke. He said: “We all know what we’ve

got to do. We are still not safe. “The way things are going, it

looks like it is going to be 42-43 points to be safe. “Since we’ve

come into the Premier League, we’ve wanted to try and progress

every year.” Stoke boss Tony Pulis is adamant Stoke becoming

established as a Premier League club is more important than

possible FA Cup glory next month. He said: “We are absolutely

delighted that we’ve got to an FA Cup final. It’s an absolutely

brilliant achievement by the club. “But the priority will always be

the Premier League. “That’s where we want to play and, the longer

we are in the Premier League, the club will grow because it will

give us the finances to make it a stronger club. “We are in the

black, we have just built a brand new training ground, we are

investing into other areas of the football club we would have never

dreamt of if we hadn’t got into the Premier League. “The Premier

League is the food and drink and the icing on the cake is the cup

competitions. “We have five more games to go and we’ve said all

along we have to try to get as many points as we can from the games