‘Deal done’ between NESV and Liverpool

The owners of the Boston Red Sox have taken control of the club

after Tom Hicks and George Gillett were defeated in their legal

battle to stop the takeover. An NESV source said: “The deal has

been done.” The purchase of Liverpool brings an end to Hicks and

Gillett’s three-and-a-half years at the club but almost certainly

not an end to the saga. Hicks and Gillett have promised to sue for

£1billion in damages, claiming the sale to NESV was “illegal”,

and have threatened to launch another destabilising legal action. A

statement from Hicks’ and Gillett’s New York representatives

announced they were suing over “an extraordinary swindle” but

appeared to accept that they will have to relinquish ownership of

the club. Steve Stodghill, the Texas lawyer representing the duo,

said: “This outcome not only devalues the club but it also will

result in long-term uncertainty for the fans, players and everyone

who loves this sport because all legal recourses will be pursued.

“Mr Hicks and Mr Gillett pledged to pay the debt to RBS so that the

club could avoid administration that was threatened by RBS. That

offer was rejected. “It is a tragic development that others will

claim as a victory. This means it won’t be resolved the way it

should be resolved.”