De Gea targets title after Europa exit

David De Gea is confident


United will make up for their Europa League disappointment by

winning the Premier League this season.

After doing so much to keep United in their last-16 tie with

Athletic Bilbao at Old Trafford last week, even De Gea could not

prevent a 2-1 defeat that sent the Red Devils tumbling out of a

second UEFA competition in a single season.


It means United, like chief rivals Manchester City, have only

domestic supremacy to play for now.

And De Gea is confident his team-mates will come out on top.

“It is very important for us now to try and secure the Premier

League,” he said. “We are first. We are the leaders. Manchester

City are in good form but we have the team and the supporters to

win the league.

“We have a big game coming up at Wolves on Sunday and that is

what we must concentrate on now.”

At least on a personal level, De Gea had nothing to reproach

himself for even if his return to Spain did not go as he would have


There was more evidence of the 21-year-old starting to take

command of his penalty area and slowly he does feel the adjustment

from Spain to England is being made.

“The English league is a bit more aggressive but football is

football,” he said. “There is no real difference.

“Little by little I feel my confidence in England is


“In the beginning it was all new, the place, the country, the

team. But gradually I am getting used to everything and hopefully

that continues.”