De Gea: All keepers make mistakes

The Spain Under-21 star endured a troubled start to his United

career following an £18million summer move from Atletico

Madrid. However, De Gea appeared to have settled into his role

until New Year’s Eve, when his failure to collect Morten Gamst

Pedersen’s corner led to a surprise winner for Blackburn at Old

Trafford. Now he is under the spotlight again. But De Gea insists

it is part of a goalkeeper’s lot to receive criticism when any kind

of mistake is made. He told Inside United: “Let’s face it, all

keepers make mistakes once in a while and none of us like it when

we do. “It’s well known that the style of play here is rather more

physical and as a goalkeeper you’ve got to be right on it. You’ve

got to be attentive all through the match. “The players coming at

you can shoot from any angle, and they can shoot from distance.

“There’s also a lot of crosses from the sides, a lot of high balls

and aerial play. “So, you’ve got to get in there and block and stop

shots being taken.” On Friday, Sir Alex Ferguson said De Gea would

play against both Blackburn and Newcastle. However, in light of the

Spaniard’s most recent performance, it cannot have escaped the

United manager’s notice that De Gea’s deputy, Anders Lindegaard,

has kept six successive clean sheets since conceding once on his

seasonal debut against Benfica in September. A change is possible

on Tyneside therefore, although, no matter what short-term

set-backs he endures, De Gea’s long-term plan remains to stay at

Old Trafford for many years. “I have every intention of spending

many years here at Manchester United,” he said. “I want to become a

great United keeper and I want to earn and deserve the respect I

hope to get. “I want to help United make history.” And that means

the immediate priority is to win what appears to be a straight

battle with Manchester City in order to secure a 20th league title.

“Manchester City are causing us a few headaches and Chelsea are

still there as well,” he said. “It is not going to be easy but we

have to keep that pressure up, it’s our principle objective. “In

every way we can, we are going to try and go on and win the