David Villa talking to NYCFC about new contract, Andrea Pirlo unsure about return

David Villa wants to stay with New York City FC and the club wants to keep him. But while it looks like the striker will return to NYCFC next season, the same can’t be said of Andrea Pirlo.

“As I told your [fellow reporters] in a press conference some time ago, we are in talks with the club for an extended contract,” Villa said. “I don’t care, for one year more or two years more, we don’t know what will happen in the future. My mind is only thinking about day by day and working strong.”

Villa’s current contract with NYCFC expires after this year and while he may be 36 by the start of next season, he is the reigning MLS MVP so there’s no reason to worry about his age right now. The Spaniard has been happy ever since landing in New York, regularly defending MLS and speaking about his happiness with the league, club and city. It makes sense for him to stay and for NYCFC to keep him.

“I think David wants to sign; we want to keep him. It’s easy,” NYCFC manager Patrick Vieira said. “We don’t want him to go anywhere — we want him to stay, the family is really happy. All the parts want to work together. It’s just a question of time and to see what is going to happen. Leave the time to the time.”

Like Villa, Pirlo’s contract with NYCFC also expires after the season, but his return is still very much up in the air. He hasn’t been as good as Villa and his limitations — primarily that he doesn’t run much — forces NYCFC to make some concessions in the midfield. Whether they want to bring him back, and whether Pirlo wants to stay in New York as opposed to returning to Italy is very much in question.

“I don’t know if it will be my last season. Now I think about playing and playing well for the club. When it will be the time, I’ll decide the future,” Pirlo said. “I don’t know. I think to play now. After I don’t know what will be my future. It’s important to play well. After this season, I decide if I continue to play or come back to Italy to retire.”