David Beckham’s Miami MLS team now likely looking at a 2019 start date

Steven Gonzalez

This week, David Beckham’s planned Miami MLS team marked 1,000 days since the announcement that Beckham planned to put his team in South Florida, yet there is still no team in place. So what’s the latest?

Well, even though MLS says officially that Beckham’s Miami team could start play in 2018, a source in Beckham’s camp says it would be much smarter to start in 2019. They’re still trying to acquire more land in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood for the stadium site, in addition to nailing down a flagship investor in the team. Even though MLS would prefer to have two teams come into the league in 2018, it now looks almost certain that only one will come in that year: LAFC. 



A league source says there is zero chance that Sacramento–tabbed by MLS commissioner Don Garber in January on the Planet Fútbol Podcast as one of the leaders of the pack along with St. Louis for teams 25-28–would come into MLS in 2018.

Minnesota United and Atlanta United FC will enter MLS in 2017.

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