Danny denies fall-out with Jol

With the Dutch coach having inherited the reins at Fulham from Mark

Hughes, Cottagers captain Murphy has renewed acquaintances with the

man who took him to Tottenham in 2006. Things did not work out for

the midfielder at White Hart Lane, though, as he was restricted to

just seven league starts in 18 months. A lack of action saw Murphy

moved on to Fulham, with reports suggesting he had suffered a

falling-out with Jol over his team selection. Murphy insists that

is not the case and claims he is looking forward to working under

the highly-regarded tactician again in 2011/12. “Me and Martin

never fell out. Far from it,” he said. “There were a lot of

different factors that I didn’t talk about. “My dad had a terminal

illness during my only full season at Tottenham and it wasn’t

something I started talking about in the papers because I didn’t

think it was relevant at the time. “When I did get a chance there

was good quality about me and I only played eight or 10 games on my

best run. “We had our disagreements at the time as I wanted to play

and he was playing other people, but there was more to it than

that. “But there are mitigating circumstances sometimes, which

people don’t see and some of it might have been my fault and some

of it might have been his. “Of course I wish it had gone better but

if it had gone better then I wouldn’t have had the fantastic four

years I’ve had here at Fulham. “He knows my quality, he knows the

way I work and I have never foreseen a problem with me and him and

I don’t in the future.”