Daniel Sturridge makes sure even his jerseys smell amazing

Smell good, play good. That’s what the people say. Or at least that’s what Daniel Sturridge must say.

The England and Liverpool midfielder told GQ that he likes to spray fragrance on his jersey before he puts them on for matches.

"People might think it’s strange, but I like smelling it, so it’s not about what anyone else thinks," he said. "Fragrance probably shows people who you are as much as your clothes do."

That’s probably not true about a player in a kit seeing as millions of people watch him play and only 21 others smell him, but smelling nice is important. Nobody wants to be near someone who reeks, even on a pitch where everyone is sweaty and sliding around.

So good on you, Daniel. I’m sure no one will use this against you at a time when England just went out of the Euros to Iceland — even though you played well — and the default reasoning is that the Three Lions players are "soft."