Dalglish hails Henry for backing

Dalglish has splashed out more than £100million on new talent

since taking over as manager in January and he has paid tribute to

the club’s American owners Fenway, led by John W Henry, for putting

up the money. Dalglish is looking to make further reinforcements

before the season, with Newcastle left-back Jose Enrique expected

to join, and a centre-half also on the Scot’s shopping list.

“Everyone hopes all their signings will come in and make a huge

impact, but we believe we have improved and enhanced the talent we

already had here,” said Dalglish. “Spending money does not

guarantee you success. (But) I don’t know of any football club that

has ever had success that has not spent money. So it is necessary.

“But it’s even more important to spend it wisely. We’ve acted

responsibly in the transfer market and we’ve also acted responsibly

and respectfully with the owners, who have been fantastically

supportive during the window. “If there is a better owner that is

as supportive as John W Henry, then they have done very well for

themselves because he’s fantastically supportive, a genuinely good

fella. “I never had any doubts (about Henry’s credentials), so you

need to ask the people who had the doubts.”