Cuellar headache for Houllier

Richard Dunne is close to returning from a knee problem and will be

competing for a place in the Villa team for the trip to White Hart

Lane. Houllier, therefore, has decisions to make, but he welcomes

the problem, telling the Birmingham Mail: “That headache I can

take. A bad headache is when you’ve not got enough players. “Carlos

Cuellar looked strong and solid. He reminded me of Jamie Carragher.

He goes for everything in the air – brave, that’s the word.”

Centre-back Cuellar could again be shifted to the right-back

position that he occupied at times under former boss Martin

O’Neill. “I haven’t seen him play at right-back, but if one day he

has to play right-back he’ll play right-back,” said Houllier. “The

team reaches the level and wins things when a player understands

that sometimes he has to play different positions. Sometimes he has

to sacrifice himself for the rest of the team.”