Cristiano Ronaldo meets with fan who woke from coma after hearing goal call

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo met with a fan with an amazing story ahead of Real Madrid's bout against Legia Warsaw in the Champions League. Ronaldo had met with David Pawlaczyc before, but the trip to Warsaw offered the Real Madrid star another chance to link up with the Polish fan.

What makes Pawlaczyc so special that Ronaldo would go out of his way for a reunion? Well, years ago Pawlaczyc was in a coma for three months after a car knocked him off his bicycle in August 2013. A doctor suggested playing the audio commentary from Ronaldo's goal-scoring exploits with Real Madrid and Portugal, and Pawlaczyc awoke from his coma!

The story grabbed headlines and Ronaldo invited the youngster to a match in the VIP boxes at Real Madrid in 2014. Ronaldo met up with Pawlaczyc again on Wednesday, and you can see video of the reunion at the team hotel above. Ronaldo shares a hug with the boy, who is in high school now, and gets additional updates on his progress.

Ronaldo gets a lot of flak for his over-the-top vanity or perceived self-absorption, but he you can't deny he has a big heart. Just look at the way he treats Pawlaczyc like he's his little brother, playfully giving him noogies. It's pretty great.