Coyle rebuffs Cahill exit talk

Cahill has been in the spotlight for much of the summer. Arsenal

have been leading the list of clubs interested in acquiring the

England international, although so far there has been no formal bid

for the 25-year-old. However, the latest report – although it does

appear somewhat mild – seems to have irritated Coyle. “This story

is without a shred of foundation,” he said. “It is irresponsible.

To just reel words off is in poor taste. “Nothing surprises you in

football but people should have more knowledge of the background

for anything before they write it. “It doesn’t faze me. I am not

raging about it. I am just making a point.” The odds would still

seem to be stacked against Cahill being at Bolton by the time the

present transfer window closes in September. Coyle insists he is

remaining focused on the start of the new Premier League season in

another week’s time, and the same goes for Cahill as well. “Gary

had been through that much and read so many things, he is really

focused. That is the way we will treat it,” said Coyle. “It is not

difficult for me either because there is nothing to chat about.

“There are 27 days left. This is another one. Nothing has happened,

there is nothing concrete, there is nothing to report. “If someone

leaves, it will be the right business for the club but I don’t

pre-occupy myself with thoughts like that when I have a team to

prepare for the rest of the season. “If anything happens, we will

re-adjust. At the moment it is hypothetical, so will focus on the

players we want to add to the club.”