Coyle cools Trotters’ Euro talk

Following Saturday’s 3-2 Premier League win at Wolves, Wanderers

have now lost only once in nine league games. But with supporters’

expectations now raised, Coyle has stressed that his overall target

for the season – to improve on last year’s 14th-place finish – has

not changed. “My aspirations are well-documented,” Coyle said. “At

any football club that I’m fortunate enough to be the manager of, I

always try to improve that club on a year on year basis,

recognising that some years it is easier than others in terms of

finance. “Sometimes you can go and spend and we have not had that

luxury this year, but we have a group of players who give

everything they have got. “The group is a joy to work with and we

have to keep striving to be the best we can. “We have shown that we

can go toe-to-toe with the best, that we can defend for our lives

if we have to and we can show a little bit of quality on the ball.”