Costa Rica troll USMNT with ‘no snow’ sign ahead of crucial World Cup qualifier


The United States are in Costa Rica to take on the Ticos in a crucial World Cup qualifier. As is always the case when the Ticos are hosting World Cup qualifiers, this match is all that matters so the whole country is focused on it. And they haven't forgotten about the Ticos trip to the U.S. for their 2014 World Cup qualifier, which was played in a blizzard.

The sign reasons “There is no snow here.”

The Costa Ricans just won't let that go. Nor should they. After all, they felt aggrieved and fans should never stop being petty.

Ever since that match, Costa Ricans have made it a point to say that the only way the Americans could top them was with weather. True or not, the U.S. have never won in Costa Rica so the Ticos have to feel good about Tuesday's contest.