Correct decision for Waddock

Two superb goals by Eliot Richards had put the Pirates in

control but persistent heavy rain coupled with a thunderstorm that

saw lightning come dangerously close to striking Adams Park put the

match in jeopardy.

Eventually, referee Andy Davies decided to call off proceedings

with 67 minutes gone with the pitch unplayable and the fan’s safety

in question.

Waddock said: “It was for health and safety reasons so you have

to say that, of course, the right decision was made. As we came out

for the second half, we saw the grey skies and the rain that was

falling and the conditions were just awful.

“Then we had the thunder and lightning so, obviously, for safety

reasons the game had to be called off. I can understand Bristol

Rovers being so disappointed with the scoreline being 3-1 in their

favour but everyone’s safety is more important than any result.

“It’s a bit of a let-off for us because they were 3-1 up and

that tells you that they were in a position to go on and win the

game. It was a disappointing first half from us, though – we put

some fresh legs in the team but that wasn’t the case and there’s no

getting away that we were poor.”