Coates questions FA sanctions

Potters manager Tony Pulis was warned by the FA about his future

conduct after praising the appointment of Howard Webb for their FA

Cup semi-final against Bolton last month prior to the match taking

place. Pulis became the third Premier League boss in quick

succession to be reprimanded after Manchester United’s Sir Alex

Ferguson and Chelsea’s Carlo Ancelotti also fell foul of new rules

which prevent managers commenting on match officials before the

game. “I am beginning to think people are losing the plot with

these things,” Coates told The Sentinel. “We are all for respect

for referees and officials, but let’s be sensible about it all.

“Managers should not be allowed to question a referee’s integrity,

that is always wrong, but a manager should be allowed to say if a

referee has made a mistake. “We all make mistakes – managers,

players, chairmen and officials. What is wrong with saying so?”.