Antonio Conte injured his calf at Chelsea training, because of course he did

Is there a more animated manager in soccer that Antonio Conte? Miguel Herrera could have a claim, or perhaps Jurgen Klopp, but Conte might very well be the favorite. If his matchday energy isn’t evidence enough, here’s an exhibit from Chelsea training.

Apparently, the energetic Conte pulled a muscle during Chelsea’s preparations for Saturday’s match against Stoke. When asked about any fitness issues for the Blues, which usually results in a manager listing the injuries of his players, the Italian revealed his own knock.

“I have a big problem in my calf,” Conte said, via The Independent. It turns out Conte, a former player himself, pushed himself too hard on a run. “… The fault is Carlo Cudicini and Steve Holland because I wanted to run with them and I paid for it because they ran very strong.”

Of course Conte “ran very strong.” He probably fell behind on a not-at-all-competitive jog and decided to sprint to the finish. It’s peak Conte, pressing in even the most inconsequential moments. That’s exactly how he’s managed Chelsea this entire season. Fortunately for the Blues, that relentlessness hasn’t bitten them.

Except for Conte, who picked up a calf knock. But if that’s the biggest injury Chelsea have to worry about this season, Conte will surely be fine with that.