Claudio Ranieri opens up about Vardy, Kante and Leicester’s remarkable season

It’s not often that a manager of the team at the top of the Premier League table takes the time to talk to the media for more than a few minutes after a match. It’s even more rare when one shares personal insights and anecdotes about a group of players he’s so obviously proud of.

Leicester City’s Caludio Ranieri did just that in an essay he posted on The Player’s Tribune.

The humorous Italian manager has never shied away from talking about Leicester’s unbelievable run nor has the team’s successes changed his practical and humble outlook.

Even though English is not his first language, Ranieri manages to evoke his feeling about some of his team’s stars in quite entertaining yet accurate ways.

Sometimes it’s to express disbelief in his players’ ambition and skill:

Ranieri even described his methods of bribing his team with pizza if they got a clean sheet – he’s not one to back down on a promise – but there’s always a twist.

Leicester have been living through a dream season in the Premier League. But one thing’s for sure, Ranieri hasn’t lost his sense of wonder about the whole thing.

As Ranieri mentions in his essay, his mandate at the beginning of the season was to not get relegated. Right now, Leicester are seven points clear at the top of the league with six games to go.

Hard not to root for a manager and a team like that.