Clarke keen on new Reds deal

Clarke was brought in by Dalglish on a short-term deal to work

alongside him until the end of the season. The former West Ham and

Chelsea coach has made a big impact alongside the Reds boss since

they took charge at Anfield. With Dalglish looking likely to be

handed a long-term deal, Clarke is hopeful their partnership will

continue. “Every manager I’ve worked with – you pick up good

qualities from all of them and so far, in a short space of time,

I’ve seen a lot of great qualities from Kenny,” he said. “I hope to

continue the work into the future. Anyone watching us play right

now can see the spirit is high, the confidence is good and the

performances have been decent. Now we need to continue it. “If you

are working well as a group and working well day in, day out in

training – you can see they’re taking that onto the pitch right

now. If you’ve got that togetherness it goes a long way in any team

sport – especially football.” Liverpool have blooded the likes of

youngsters Jack Robinson and John Flanagan in recent games, and

Clarke has paid tribute to Dalglish for his approach with them.

“Before Jack went on Kenny was making a joke and trying to relax

him going onto the pitch,” he said. “Obviously it’s a very

nerve-racking moment for a young player and Kenny was trying to

take the edge out of the situation. It was the same with John.

“When you’ve got someone as experienced as Kenny who says the right

words at the right time, it can only help.”