Clark opens Rangers talks

A football agent from Belgium is challenging UEFA’s financial

fair play rules at the European Commission on the basis that it

will lead to a drop in agents’ income.

Daniel Striani is being represented by Jean-Louis Dupont, the

lawyer who in 1995 secured the Bosman ruling that allowed players

to move on a free transfer at the end of their contract.

Dupont believes the ‘break-even rule’, which prohibits clubs in

European competition spending more than their income, “infringes EU

fundamental freedoms” such as free movement of capital, of workers

(players) and of services (agents).

“Consequently, such restriction of competition and violation of

EU fundamental freedoms cannot be justified by the objectives put

forward by UEFA,” said a statement from Dupont.

He is claiming that overspending should be allowed so long as it

is fully guaranteed, such as by bank guarantees.

“In short, the current prohibition… is in practice illegal

because the rule is not proportionate, since it can be replaced by

another measure, equally efficient but less damaging as far as EU

freedoms are concerned,” says the statement.

UEFA believes it has already tested the break-even rule’s

legality with the EU.

“UEFA believes that financial fair play is fully in line with EU

law and is confident that the European Commission will reject this

complaint,” it said in a statement.

“The rules encourage clubs to ‘live within their own means,’

which is a sound economic principle aiming to guarantee the

long-term sustainability and viability of European football.”

Clark, 21, has enjoyed a scintillating season, scoring 41 goals

this season which not only helped his side lift the Ransdens Cup,

but also landed him the coveted PFA Scotland Second Division Player

of the Year Award.

Speaking about the interest from Rangers, Clark stated: “Ally

McCoist has said there is a wee bit of interest and has spoken to

my dad and my agent.

“I’ve not spoken to him yet but we’ll see what happens over the

next couple of weeks and, hopefully, something can get done.

“A move to Rangers would be a major step up for the highly-rated

youngster, one which he says, he can’t turn down.

“Rangers are the best club in Scotland in my eyes so I’d find it

hard to say no to them.

“There are a few clubs down south interested so I need to weigh

up my options but if Rangers say they want to sign you, you can’t

get much better than that.”

Talking about his incredible form this season, Clark says its

all down to confidence and the quality of the squad.

“There are good players in the team and they have to take

plaudits for it as well.

“The manager and my dad have done well. They brought good

experienced players in, like Derek Young and Derek Lyle. That

helped a lot.

There is little doubt Clark shares a special relationship with

his Dad, Sandy, after revealing how proud he was at his

achievements. He added: “Earlier in the year, he was winding me up

that he scored 29 or something in a season but I said I’d beat that

no bother. It put me under pressure but I did it and he’s delighted

for me.”