City chairman: More to come

Al Mubarak believes the FA Cup winners now have a huge opportunity

to alter the landscape of English football. Roberto Mancini’s side

have new champions Manchester United in their sights after securing

a place in the Champions League and landing their first major

trophy in 35 years last weekend. City will secure automatic entry

to the former should they defeat Bolton on Sunday and cement third

place in the Premier League. However according to Al Mubarak this

is just the beginning of good times under owner Sheikh Mansour and

the Abu Dhabi United Group. Al Mubarak told the club’s website: “I

feel we have an incredible foundation for incredible years ahead.

We are one step further on a journey we started three years ago. “I

am delighted at the way the team has progressed. But our ambitions

are much bigger than what has been achieved this season. “Now we

are in the Champions League we need to perform and progress. It is

a big challenge. We have won the FA Cup, that’s great. But I

believe there are a lot more cups to win – and we want to win the

league. “Sheikh Mansour always felt it was always going to be year

four as the year we were going to go for it. I am really delighted

for him that we are now in a really strong position. “I really had

no doubts at the beginning of the season that we would be in the

top four. I really did feel this was the year we were going to win

a cup. “I was very confident the team was progressing – I felt they

were achieving that winning mentality.” Despite their colossal

spending and wealth, Al Mubarak insists they will meet UEFA’s

strict financial guidelines for clubs appearing in the Champions

League and Europa League. City are being encouraged to spend no

more than they earn when the new rules kick in. Al Mubarak said:

“That drives us. You have to keep that in mind and we have done

that. Now we are in a position where we are working towards

financial fair play. “Making it into the Champions League and

winning the FA Cup will have very positive implications for the

club. We are in a completely different position than we were in

last season. “The club has been managed very prudently. I am very

comfortable, very confident with our financial operation and our

understanding and the rules of UEFA. “We are going to work along

those guidelines and make that balance work for the benefit of the

club. ” City manager Mancini will have the final say on transfer

targets but there will be no major overhaul of the squad in the

summer, according to Al Mubarak. He said: “It is very important to

maintain the heart and soul of the team. But we need to strengthen

some areas and prepare for next season. “We know exactly the

players that fit well into the squad. Roberto has been very clear

to us on this and the manager will have the final say. “We have a

strong squad with a very good mentality. This season is a good

accomplishment and sets us up very well for phase two, which starts

next season.”