Christian Pulisic is going to a Justin Bieber concert for his 18th birthday


When you watch Christian Pulisic work his magic on the soccer field, it's easy to forget the kid is only 17 years old. He's got a maturity, a poise, a real gravity to his play that belies his age. He's probably the brightest prospect the United States has ever had, and he's already arguably one of the best players on the national team right now. Also, he looooves Justin Bieber.

Look at that coy little grin. That's the face of a kid who's legitimately excited to go see the Biebs up close and in person. And it makes sense. He's SEVENTEEN. Bieber's been chart-topping since 2009, when baby Puli was right in the heart of middle school. That's prime Bieber conversion age.

It's moments like this that remind you that yes, despite Pulisic possessing unreal talent and the potential to be the Greatest Ever in this country (no pressure kid), he's still … just a kid. And we shouldn't forget that.

Go enjoy the Biebs, Christian. The good thing is, you won't even need a chaperone since you'll be legal.