Chinese takeaway good for Reds – Ganis

Marc Ganis, whose Chicago-based company Sportscorp Ltd has helped

form the investment group, said that any takeover would not enrich

American co-owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Instead, he has

implied that a significant amount of cash would be given to

construct the long-delayed new stadium which will replace Anfield.

He has also suggested that a large sum would be available to invest

in new signings which would make a debt-free Liverpool major

challengers in the upcoming campaign. Ganis said: “We haven’t

submitted a formal proposal but we submitted the broad parameters

of what a proposal would look like to see if it would be welcomed,

and it was. “What is not one of our goals is the enrichment of the

existing owners. “If we submit a proposal and it is accepted, it

would be focused on the future and not the past.” Barclays has told

potential bidders they will have to prove their financial status

before any proposal is accepted. Current co-owner Hicks has said he

wants a minimum $950million (£600m) for Liverpool whose known

debt last stood at $375million (£237m). Ganis, though, said

his consortium would not bid close to that sum, leaving the door

open for other investors to pip them to the post. Syrian

businessman Yahya Kirdi looks a leading player with his consortium

of investors from the Middle East and Canada who have claimed they

are close to completing a takeover. “If anybody wants to (bid that

sum), good luck,” said Ganis, who is yet to reveal how much his

group are willing to invest. “We know what we would be prepared to

do. If somebody else wants to look at it in a different way, it’s

their money. That would be their business, not ours.” Ganis has

also moved to reassure current members of the management team. He

said: “From what we have seen from afar, many of the people

currently running Liverpool are doing a good job. “There shouldn’t

be an expectation there would be a mass upheaval if we submit and

we are approved.”