Chelsea’s Michy Batshuayi can’t believe his FIFA 17 rating, says it’s ‘so weak’


We've seen a few of soccer's more well-known stars react to their FIFA 17 ratings, but what about the players that didn't get an early peek? They're stuck waiting to see their ratings like the rest of us peasants, hopeful that they'll make the game's 50 best players. Chelsea's summer signing Michy Batshuayi is among those that were made to wait to see their rating, and the Belgian is none-too-pleased with the game developers.

A 59 rating for passing is pretty brutal, and Batshuayi said he thinks he should be “like 69 at least.” He's not entirely unreasonable though. That 27 rating for defense? He's owning up to it.

The FIFA 17 demo was scheduled to drop on Tuesday, but encountered an unexpected delay. Ever the jokester, Batshuayi had a theory for the hold up.

From there, EA Sports' FIFA account caught wind of the 22-year-old's displeasure, posting a gif of the Belgian running passing drills in the game. Batshuayi jokingly responded that he's downloading Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA 17's chief competition in the soccer video game realm.

The game drops on Sept. 27 in North America, and Sept. 29 elsewhere. Will FIFA relent and boost his rating before the release date? We'll have to wait and see. If Batshuayi's rating does get a bump though, we have a pretty good idea how he might celebrate: