Check out this player get sent off after celebrating his hat trick

It’s not often that you see a defender score a hat trick, but it’s even more rare to see a hat-trick-scoring defender sent off for celebrating said hat trick. But that’s exactly what happened on Monday in Sweden.  In a third-tier match between Norrby IF and Tvaakers IF, Norrby IF defender Mehmed “Medi” Dresevic found himself caught in the middle of it all.

There he is, blasting home for what we can only safely assume without doing the requisite research (Swedish lower division stats are tough to come by, who knew?) is a very rare hat trick for Dresevic. So taken with the hatter was Dresevic that he thought it deserved a bit more applause. In order to accomplish that, he jumped the fence, took a seat, and showed his acclaim.

Unfortunately, the referee didn’t find the celebration so amusing. He showed Dresevic a yellow, the defender’s second of the match, which resulted in a red card and a sending off. Bummer. At least Norrby IF held on to win the match, 6-1.

Scoring a hat trick is something that should undoubtedly be celebrated. Sometimes celebrations can go overboard, though, and all that happiness is wiped away with the brandishing of a red card.

Why you gotta ruin all the fun, ref?