Check out this hyperrealistic tattoo of Juventus legend Gianluigi Buffon


A fan with a real affinity for Gianluigi Buffon (and an incredible pain tolerance) has gone ahead and gotten a tattoo of the Juventus goalkeeper's screaming face forever preserved in ink.

While we can't say for certain if the image above is the source, albeit with Buffon facing the opposite direction in the tattoo, it's pretty darn close.

That's spooky lifelike, and very brilliant art from artist Ronald Horta. Buffon is one of the game's more demonstrative keepers, and for good reason. With Juventus he's won Serie A seven times, the Copa Italia twice and claimed the World Cup in 2006 with Italy. It's been said that Gianluigi Buffon holds the secret to the fountain of youth, but that might be a stretch  — because it's impossible. This fan, though, has ensured Buffoon's effusiveness will live on.

Perhaps this latest Gigi supporter just wants a meet and greet?