Cats boss to ‘deal with’ Angeleri

The 27-year-old Argentina international complained about Bruce

during an interview on Wednesday, claiming the Black Cats boss was

‘not a nice person’ and did not speak to him. Out-of-favour

Angeleri, who has struggled to make an impact at Sunderland –

making just two Premier League appearances as a substitute – also

stated ‘I think he doesn’t like me because I’m not English’. While

shrugging off the personal jibes made by Angeleri, Bruce has taken

particular offence to that accusation, telling Journal Live: “I

will deal with that. “I don’t mind any of the quotes he has

attributed to me. I don’t go into management to be liked. “All you

can try to be is as honest as you possibly can. “I will be dealing

with Angeleri, I will be keeping it in house. To go down the road

of this race card saddens me.” Angeleri’s comments follow the

remarks made by Aston Villa boss Gerard Houllier about Bruce in

January, indicating he was ‘an easy target’ for the Black Cats

chief’s criticism over the signing of Darren Bent because he is ‘a

foreign manager’. Some reports on Wednesday linked Angeleri’s

comments to that incident, but Bruce has angrily stamped on

suggestions of racism, adding: “What’s the world coming to? “It was

obscene that was thrown at me. When you look at the players we have

here, we probably have one of the most multicultural, international

squads in the Premier League. “I do question what the world is

coming to when that is thrown at me. “We have a disagreement with a

player who has not performed yet. He has found it difficult in

England, he has talent because he played for Argentina. “But for an

argument to be brought up that I had with Houllier. If you have a

row with someone who is not English, then you are a racist. For me

that is sad where we are and what we are doing. “That was a

horrific piece of journalism.”