Carragher says Green should stay in England goal

If England defender Jamie Carragher had his way, Robert Green

would be the starting goalkeeper Friday against Algeria despite his

blunder against the United States.

Green allowed Clint Dempsey’s 25-meter shot to bounce off him

and spin into the net Saturday, giving the Americans an equalizer

in a 1-1 draw in the Group C opener.

“He will have no problem and will come back,” Carragher said


England coach Fabio Capello has said he will assess Green

“psychologically” before deciding whether the 30-year-old West

Ham goalkeeper will start again on Friday in Cape Town.

“He seems fine, no problem,” Carragher said. “Every player in

the squad has been there where we’ve made a big mistake in a big

game, but the reason that you are playing for England and you get

to this level is that you have a certain amount of mental


“The rest of the lads will get round him – we’ve all been


While Green faced widespread criticism in England, much of the

hostility in Monday’s papers was reserved for Capello.

Some have questioned whether Capello’s decision to only tell

Green he was playing two hours before kickoff meant he wasn’t in

the right mindset to focus on the game.

“A lot of the managers don’t like to give the team away for

fear of the opposition finding out about the team,” Carragher

said. “For me, it also keeps everyone on their toes. If you give

the team out earlier, how do you know if it is going to affect


“The people in the side might take it easy and the ones who are

not playing might get the hump and not train properly … but in

any case, a lot of players have a fair idea what the team might


While Green spent Sunday playing golf, Carragher watched some

football, including Germany’s impressive 4-0 victory over


“They were very impressive,” Carragher said. “It is the best

performance we have seen at the World Cup, although Argentina

played well (in the 1-0 win over Nigeria) without getting the


England could face Germany in the next round.

“Germany are the best team so far but it is only one game. I

don’t think we should be thinking about avoiding this team or that

team,” Carragher said. “The first thing is to make sure we get

through. They started well but they might not do well in the next

game, we might. It is football, it can change very quickly.”