Carlo: Terry in fantastic condition

England captain Terry, 29, has endured a week-long media furore

following allegations that he had an affair with an ex-girlfriend

of former team-mate Wayne Bridge. Terry is set to learn his fate as

captain of the national side in a meeting with England manager

Fabio Capello, but Ancelotti insisted the player has remained

totally professional throughout a difficult week. As far as the

Italian is concerned, Terry remains a valuable member of the squad

and when asked if he still had the backing of the players,

Ancelotti replied: “I think so. John speaks with his team-mates

because he’s the captain of this team. “He is focusing on his job.

He’s doing very well every day, every moment. He’s the captain of

this team so, with his behaviour, he’s doing his best for this

team. “And also he played very well in the last two games. He

scored against Burnley. He’s in fantastic condition at the moment.

“The problem that involves John is outside our training ground and

it’s a normal life for us. John’s mood is very normal. “I have not

spoken to him. It’s not necessary for me to speak to him about his

private life. “It’s his private life and I don’t want to know

anything about this. I’m only interested in his professional

behaviour and that is the best. “I’m not interested in the private

lives of the players. In the past some coaches phoned home to

control their players, but I never did this in my career and I

won’t in the future. “I’m only interested in the players at the

training ground and to control behaviour at the training ground.

Private lives are an important thing – they should remain private.”

Ancelotti is fiercely supportive of his captain and maintains there

was never any question of leaving Terry out of Sunday’s showdown

with Arsenal. He is adamant that Terry’s captaincy of the national

side is a matter well outside his remit and was eager to shift the

emphasis back to Capello. “It’s not my problem,” declared

Ancelotti. “I don’t know what will happen when John meets Fabio.

I’m not interested about this. It’s a problem for Fabio Capello and

John Terry. “John knows he has to play against Arsenal, he’s our

captain. I did not consider resting him. John has to play because

he’s one of the most important players in this team. “And we need

strength, experience and quality against them. We are preparing

very well because it’s an important game against a strong team. We

will be ready to play our best game.” Chelsea go into the clash six

points clear of Arsene Wenger’s side and victory will almost

certainly end Arsenal’s title chances. Chelsea thought they had

banished Arsenal’s interest in the Barclays crown back in November

when they beat the Gunners 3-0 at the Emirates. But Chelsea’s poor

run of form in December, coupled with Arsenal’s resurgence, put

Wenger’s side back in the hunt. However, Ancelotti acknowledges

that defeat for their London rivals will make it difficult for them

to recover the situation for a second time. “I think it will be

difficult for them to return to the top,” said Ancelotti. “They are

involved in the Champions League too, which starts up again soon,

so it could be very difficult for them to stay in touch with

Chelsea and Manchester United. “Every game is different at the

moment. In the last game against Arsenal, it was very good for us.

We played the right way and did a very good defence and

counter-attack. That’s the right way to play against Arsenal on

Sunday. “We have a very good opportunity on Sunday to send Arsenal

further away from our position, to get distance from them.”