Carlo: Resignation rumours untrue

The Italian was rumoured to have spoken to the League Managers

Association on Sunday night and consulted them about his position

within the Stamford Bridge hierarchy. But despite Chelsea crashing

to their third defeat in four games with a 1-0 reverse at

Birmingham on Saturday, Ancelotti made it plain today that he was

here to stay ahead of their Champions League game against Group F

whipping boys MSK Zilina tomorrow night. “I don’t know if it’s

enough to clarify my position today to close these rumours and

speculation,” said Ancelotti. “These rumours are totally untrue. I

don’t know why they came out. I didn’t speak with the LMA. “They

called me last night when I was at home, quiet, to find out what

was happening. “These rumours are totally untrue. I have my

contract until 2012, here, in this club. I’ve said a lot of times

that I’d like to stay here. “I love not just this club, but these

players. I have a lot of confidence in these players, in this

squad, so there’s no reason to change my ideas. “I don’t know if

this is enough to speak about all this. I think that when the team

don’t reach the right results, obviously the coach is under

pressure. “Obviously I am under pressure because I’d like Chelsea

to win every game. I am focused on my job to make us play better

than we are at this moment. “There was, last night, an LMA dinner

with the coaches and they wanted to know about these rumours. I

said to them that they were totally untrue. I read in the papers

today that I called them. That’s untrue. I didn’t call anybody.” He

underlined that at no stage over the weekend had he ever considered

his position at Chelsea. “There is no reason to think about this,

my position. My position in the club is very clear,” he declared.

“I am the coach and I have to train my players to maintain the

team, the club, at the best level. Now, this moment is not so good

on the pitch and we have to do better there. “Obviously I

understand very well because I have had a lot of occasions like

this in my career. The coach is in trouble when the team doesn’t

produce results, but this is my life. I like my life. “I’m not

disappointed about this. I’m disappointed because Chelsea have lost

three in four games, and this is not good – for me, the players,

the club, for my job. We want to do better.” Ancelotti also stamped

on suggestions that he was unhappy with the recent removal of

former assistant coach Ray Wilkins and the appointment of Michael

Emenalo as his successor. “I’m sad because the team doesn’t win,”

added Ancelotti. “I maintain the same relationship with Ray, even

if we can’t work together. “Nothing has changed in my personal

behaviour with Ray. The club decided to change and I have to stay

focused on my job with another assistant. This is not a problem for

me. That’s not the reason why the team are losing at this moment.

“We have to clarify the position of Emenalo. Emenalo is doing the

same job that he did when I came here. He was on the training

ground on the first day. “He is on the training ground again. He’s

not ‘involved’ because he has no licences. He was involved in the

tactical meetings and decisions when I arrived here. That position

was the same when Ray was here. Nothing has changed. “I’m not able

to speak about financial things, administrative things, or

contracts. I can just speak about my contract, not others. I prefer

to stay in my position and control technical matters. “I said also,

before, that my aim is to stay here at this club, this country, in

this atmosphere, for a long time. It depends on me. “I did a good

job last year and I’d like to do the same this year. My aim is to

stay here. I don’t want to stay like Sir Alex Ferguson because I

think that’s impossible, but my aim is to stay here.”