Capello warns England players about drinking

England coach Fabio Capello has warned his players that the

effects of heavy drinking could see their careers curtailed.

Several England players have been pictured in British press this

season downing booze at parties, despite having little to celebrate

in the wake of their team’s second-round exit at the World Cup.

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, an Italian like

Capello, has also complained about the drinking culture in England

and had to reprimand England internationals Joe Hart, Gareth Barry

and Adam Johnson after they were pictured at a student party in St.

Andrews, Scotland.

Although Capello has some sympathy that the players are under

constant scrutiny from the public, that doesn’t excuse their

conduct in his eyes.

”I saw the pictures,” Capello said. ”This is the life, but

you have to be careful. When you go to the pub or bar or hotel you

have to be careful because the (phone) is terrible … now it is

different. You can know everything about what happens in someone’s

private life because of the mobile. It can record all the time. It

can take pictures.

”You can find everything on Facebook etc. This is the worst.

For this reason people can speak about this person drinking or this

person being out. In Italy and Spain, I know the life of the

players. They like to drink when they eat, during dinner. Not


Capello said any player must be ”careful with their private


But while the drinking may be in private, the damage the players

could be causing to their bodies has a public implication for their


”If a player drinks a lot his career will be shorter,” Capello

said. ”This is important. Players have to understand the effect

drink has on the body. I don’t think it is possible to be a top

athlete and drink heavily after matches.”

The England players will be banned – as usual – from consuming

alcohol this week ahead of Wednesday’s friendly against France.

Changing the habits of his players away from the squad, though,

will be tougher for Capello.

”I have learned that some players drink here, but this is the

English culture,” the Italian said.