Carroll should drink less – Fabio

Liverpool striker Carroll, who will start Tuesday night’s friendly

against Ghana, found himself caught up in a number of off-the-field

alcohol-fuelled incidents while at Newcastle. Capello is a big

admirer of Carroll and he believes he must take care of himself off

the pitch if he wants to improve as a player. “Carroll is a player,

who’s really good in the air, but not only this,” said Capello.

“The movement when he receives the ball is good. With the ball.

He’s strong. He’s a good player. He’s a good forward. “Look, he’s

young. Really young. His behaviour now is really, really important.

Really important. He needs to be careful at every moment. “When you

play with the England national team, at every moment you are the

focus of the fans, the newspapers, the photographers, the people

that live around him. “I spoke with him privately. I think not only

Andy likes to drink beer. Not only Andy. He needs to improve, to

drink less.” Capello made the point that the same conversations

with fellow rookie Jack Wilshere are not required due to Arsene

Wenger’s vast experience. Capello also insists there have been no

deal struck with Liverpool over how long Carroll will play for

against Ghana. Reds boss Kenny Dalglish hinted that he would prefer

his Carroll not to be involved at all after only recently

recovering from a long-term thigh problem. However, Capello feels

Carroll is capable of starting against Ghana and that his

involvement will only help him in his bid for fitness. “Absolutely

no-one has rung me and we have not spoken with Liverpool,” added

Capello. “He needs to play. Liverpool will be happy for him to

play. It is a friendly and he can play up to half-time, or more.

For this reason, the game is important for him and for me.” Capello

has defended his selection criteria, which he claims is based on

sheer number of games rather than the competitions they are being

played in. “I decided this because, if these players had played on

Tuesday, it would have been four games in 10 days. It is a lot,” he

said. “Out of respect for the players and their clubs, I decided

these players can go home because in this period, if you are tired,

it is possible to get really serious injuries.” Capello certainly

was not offering any apology to the sell-out crowd, the vast

majority of whom will be supporting England, even if Ghana have

sold a huge official allocation of 21,000. “I know the fans might

have bought tickets in advance but it will be really interesting to

get to know some England players here,” he said. “It is different

to play with the national team compared to the clubs, especially

against a really good team like Ghana. “FIFA arrange the dates, not

us. If the official game was tomorrow, we wouldn’t have played a

friendly on Saturday. “But this allows us to stay together for

another two days and create a good spirit.”