Cagliari-AC Milan game moved to Turin

Cagliari has been ordered to play Sunday’s Serie A game against

AC Milan in Turin because of ongoing safety issues at the Sardinian

team’s home ground.

The Italian league said Thursday the match will be played at the

Stadio Olimpico, more than 855 kilometers away and back on the

Italian mainland. It is less than 150 kilometers away from


Cagliari’s new Is Arenas stadium has caused the team plenty of

problems this season. It failed a safety inspection last year and

Roma was then awarded a 3-0 victory for its game at Cagliari after

the club defied orders to play the Serie A match in an empty

stadium, forcing the game to be postponed for safety reasons.

Cagliari’s home match against defending champion Juventus in

December had to be played at Parma.