Burton Albion troll everyone with impossible-to-read lineup tweet, bewildered fans react

(Photo by Clint Hughes/Getty Images)
Clint Hughes/Getty Images

It's always nice when a club is on top of its social media game. By being active online, clubs make it easier for fans to follow along with the game from home. Then there are those moments where a club tries, but the exact opposite happens:

Holy moly. Were Burton Albion expecting us to use some sort of decoder kit to be able to read that? Is this a top-secret mission or a list of bench substitutes? We've averted our eyes but that blinding yellow box with white text still lingers like a camera flash.

Unsurprisingly, fans didn't find the tweet super helpful:

Burton Albion have been on the rise since the club started in 1950. They now play in the Championship after being promoted from League One last season. Before that, they played in League Two after being promoted from the fifth-tier Football Conference in 2009.

If they ever make it to the Premier League though, they are going to want to sort out their tweet templates so that innocently checking out the available substitutes list doesn't feel like staring into the sun.