Bundesliga to discuss goal-line technology

The Bundesliga will decide in March whether to introduce

goal-line technology in its top two divisions.

The Grman clubs will make a ”fundamental decision” after

taking into consideration how the technology works at the upcoming

Club World Cup in Morocco and the results of the systems used in

England and the Netherlands, Bundesliga president Reinhard Rauball

said on Thursday.

The Bundesliga has been slow to warm up to the technology

despite controversial calls and wrong decisions by referees nearly

every week. The league has resisted, saying the margin of error was

still too great. But many coaches gave been calling for the

technology to be adopted as soon as possible.

The most glaring example came on Oct. 18 in the match between

Bayer Leverkusen and Hoffenheim, when Leverkusen striker Stefan

Kiessling’s header went in through the side netting and was ruled a

goal despite television replays leaving no doubt that it wasn’t


Rauball said Bundesliga management will provide the clubs with

the pros and cons of technology. If the 36 clubs decide to accept

it, they will choose from various providers of goal-line aids and

not necessarily pick the German company chosen by FIFA.

The technology, if accepted by the clubs, could be introduced as

early as next season. Previously, the earliest date mentioned had

been 2015.

Also, the league said two-thirds of participants in a poll were

against changing the international calendar. Such a change,

required if the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was moved into the northern

hemisphere’s winter months, would mean that league seasons would

begin and end in one calendar year.

The league said its poll included representatives from clubs,

the German Football Federation, media, sponsors, security experts

and fans.