Broughton planning legal action

Hicks alleged Broughton was part of an “epic swindle” when he

oversaw the £300million sale of the club last year, claiming

he lost £140million as a result of the sale against his

wishes. Broughton told the Times: “I am suing to have my name

cleared, not for any money. “They made accusations of fraud and

conspiracy which were wholly unfounded. I am not losing any sleep.

I know I acted properly.” Hicks on Thursday lost his bid to

overturn an injunction preventing him launching legal action over

the sale in the United States without prior approval from an

English court. Mr Justice Floyd, who made the ruling, criticised

the delaying tactics of Hicks and Gillett, both during the sale

process and in the subsequent months. The judge also dismissed an

application to strike out or stay claims by Broughton. New England

Sports Ventures’ application to be allowed to join the Broughton

action was granted by the judge.