Boss Martinez committed to Latics

Martinez has been mooted as a potential replacement for Mauricio

Pochettino, who is reportedly under pressure with Espanyol 14th in

La Liga. But the Spaniard, who only took over at the DW Stadium

last summer after leaving Swansea, insists he is fully committed to

the club. He acknowledged the rumours were a compliment, but has

stated his priority is ensuring Wigan are still in the Premier

League at the end of the season. “We need to take any rumours as a

compliment to Wigan,” said Martinez in the Daily Star. “But we will

not let them distract us from what we are trying to do. “The next

12 weeks are the most important 12 weeks for Wigan, as regards to

building a platform to allow us to move to the next level. “My

focus is totally on the next 12 weeks.” Martinez has endured a

mixed reign with Wigan to date following a run of inconsistent

results in the league and a shock FA Cup defeat at home by Notts

County in midweek.