Borussia Dortmund’s double backheels to set up a goal were so pretty


Borussia Dortmund had scored 17 goals in their last three matches heading into Friday's contest against Freiburg, and they had two more late in the match. But with Freiburg behind just 2-1, BVB were far from comfortable, so what did they do? They turned to their deadly attack to put the match away.

Two backheels and a clinical finish later …

That's a great finish by Raphael Guerreiro, who is off to a flying start this season, but really just look at the two backheels that set it up.

You shouldn't be able to do that, and certainly not that fast. Freiburg had no chance. It'a almost rude to pull off such audacious passing.

The only proper response to this goal is a heart eyes emoji. Or 10 heart eyes emojis. Ya, definitely 10.

Oh, and that makes it 20 goals in the last four games for Dortmund.