Bordeaux’s new third kits have a lot going on and not in a good way

Bordeaux is a lovely city on the Garrone River known for its wine. If you’re from Bordeaux, you have a lot of reason to be proud of it and that’s probably why FC Bordeaux decided to put pictures of the city on their new third kits.

But there are a few problems:

Feast your eyes upon these.

Those apparently are real kits that a real soccer club in a real soccer league are going to wear in real matches. Like not as a joke.

There are a lot of individually good ideas in here. You know, like honoring your beautiful city. And trying to work a fun color like pink or purple in with your traditional blue. And generally being a little out there with a third kit that you’re not going to wear that often. Those are all great ideas!

But you do not then do all of them. That’s a terrible idea that ruins all the other good individual ideas. And you get this.