Bologna’s Simone Verdi defied physics with a long-range laser against Napoli


Simone Verdi made his second goal of the young Serie A season a memorable one, striping a seeing-eye laser beam from deep in the midfield past Napoli keeper Pepe Reina. Bologna would go onto lose the match, 3-1, but Verdi's blast gives the rossoblu an early entry to put on the highlight reel for to the end-of-season awards banquet.

That is a looooooong way for the ball to travel, and it hardly even dips. It just traveled so darn fast and ferociously that Reina had little chance of stopping it.

Gravity, for the most part, is a good thing. It keeps us from helplessly hurtling to a painful death at around 1,000 miles per hour, which is pretty nice. But sometimes you just have to spit in the face of physics and do something that totally go against the tenets of the natural world. Verdi went for it with that long-range shot, and we're all better for having been able to see it.