Bologna cool Ramirez sale talk

Ramirez had claimed he was on the verge of joining Premier

League new boys Southampton with just a few minor details to be


However, Bologna president Albano Guaraldi has hit out at

Ramierz and insists they will not be forced into selling the player

for a fee lower than ?20million (?15.8m).

“The situation is much more complicated than he thinks,”

Guaraldi told Sky Italia. “It’s not just about figures, but seeing

what is included and what isn’t.

“The offer we received has not been considered suitable. His

agent has already reached an agreement with the English club, but

we haven’t. Now the situation is static, we made our demands and

will see what happens.

“I don’t understand why Gaston said those things. I won’t even

get into the behaviour of his agent.”

Guaraldi is adamant that Bologna will stand firm despite Ramirez

pushing for a move to St Mary’s.

Bologna remain adamant they will not release Ramirez for less

than ?20m, which is around ?15.8million.

“We spoke to the top Italian clubs about Gaston, but I have

always been clear: I’d let him go only for a suitable offer, which

so far has not arrived. I maintained my consistency and refused the

bid,” added Guaraldi.

“I am irritated because one of my players spoke as if he were

already at another club, when there still isn’t any agreement.

“I can understand his desire to make the move, but I do not

share his timing and methods. All negotiations can collapse, which

is why I consider the player’s attitude to be premature.

“The club cannot be forced to follow the rules of players and