Bologna begged Napoli for mercy on Twitter, but it never came

Nobody could have imagined exactly what went down when Napoli and Bologna squared off on Saturday. The first half alone featured five goals, two red cards and one missed penalty. A few more oddities here and there and we could have had a new Christmas carol.

The first half ended 1-4 in favor of Napoli, the visiting team on the day. Unfortunately for Bologna, the visitors weren’t very cordial guests. They poured on some more pain.

Marek Hamsik picked up his brace in the 70th, and with a four-goal lead surely Napoli would pump the brakes, right? Nahhh. Hamsik wanted his hat trick, and he got it just two minutes later. At that point, Bologna’s Twitter account just wanted it to stop.

What’s the Twitter equivalent of raising the white flag? I’m guessing that’s it. Bologna begged for mercy, but Napoli didn’t accept. The Partenopei hit lucky goal No. 7. Or unlucky No. 7 if you’re a Bologna fan.

Rest easy, though. The Bologna account is optimistic about the future!

The social media producer even had time to throw some totally unnecessary, but hilarious, shade at Wigan.

Ouch. Digging up a match from 2009 to take a swipe at a team that’s not even in the same country? That’s some quality social media-ing.