Boca Juniors training turns into all-out brawl as teammates exchange punches

When teams like Boca Juniors are at training, they often let news outlets in to film B-roll of the team practices. But FOX Argentina cameras caught more than they expected Tuesday morning.

A fight broke out between Boca Juniors defenders Juan Insaurralde and Jonathan Silva, who came to blows before their teammates pried the two players apart. It’s not clear what caused the fight, but Insaurradle’s shirt was torn in the altercation.

After teammates intervened, manager Guillermo Barros Schelotto sent Insaurralde and Silva to the dressing room and threw his notepad down in disgust.

The scuffle caused a bit of controversy and the players later had a joint press conference to announce they settled their differences and put the fight behind them.

“I want to apologize to Jony (Silva), to my teammates, the technical staff, the fans and the club,” Insaurralde said after training. “What I did wasn’t right. It was five seconds of anger.”

Boca Juniors are at the top of the table in Argentina’s Primera Division, but the season has been put on hold while a dispute about TV rights is negotiated. That means that players have been stuck in training for weeks now without any matches, but the league is tentatively scheduled to resume play on March 3.