Bobby Wood got a new puppy and he’s adorable


It's been a good year for Bobby Wood. He had a career season with Union Berlin, which earned him a move to Hamburg and he's scored in each of his first two Bundesliga matches. In between, he became a key player for the United States, starring in Copa America and World Cup qualifying. Things, seemingly, couldn't get any better, but they did.

He got a dog!

Look at the little guy! He's so soft and fluffy and awkward and he still has the pink puppy belly. He also has gigantic paws so you know he's going to grow into a much bigger boy, which we will hopefully be able to track via Wood's Instagram.

His name? Woody, of course.

Wood has done a lot of great things over the last year, but Woody is the best yet. What a good dog.


The New Recruit #woody 🐶💯

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